GRSS Branding Competition

Here’s a chance to exhibit your Branding skills and contribute to building IEEE’s brand further.

Brief : Build an Online/Poster for IEEE GRSS or Build an Info Graphic for the GRSS Promotion This is an online event with Prizes and bragging rights for the winner from IEEE.

Design Brief:
  1. Must have at least one Image, for Main mast
  2. A maximum of 140-character message
  3. No more than 3 points under the message, within the scope of 140 characters
  4. A strong call to action messaging
  5. Images used must have copyrights or rights to re-use it for commercial purposes and the text copy must not be plagiarized content
  6. You can use multi or bi lingual content ex: Hindi and English mix as used in Amul Butter ads
  7. Can use information from IEEE GRSS website
  8. Enclosing Sample below All designs must comply to IEEE digital design Brand Guidelines and must have IEEE logos and GRSS logos properly inserted to qualify Dimension 800X600 Pixel, High resolution.

IEEE GRSS Info graphic: dimension 800X600 to 800x2400 (range Width by Length)
  • No Word Limit (all text must be legible from upto 2 feet)
  • No limit on Images/stock creatives
  • The Info graphic must depict a narrative and the story must be factual with data and verified sources shared
  • IEEE Brand guide rules must be adhered to
  • Sample info graphic

Guideline and IP rules:


  • Competition is for 2 categories: Poster and Infographics and hence the prizes mentioned below are for each category
  • 1st Prize includes the following:
    • IEEE + GRSS student Membership for 1 year
    • INR 15000/-
    • IEEE Certificate
  • 2nd Prize includes the following:
    • IEEE + GRSS student Membership for 1 year
    • INR 10000/-
    • IEEE Certificate
  • 3rd Prize includes the following:
    • IEEE + GRSS student Membership for 1 year
    • INR 5000/-
    • IEEE Certificate

Prizes will be distributed during the IEEE AISYWC 2018 (

Your images and/or posters designs should be submitted via email to and/ hare the google drive/dropbox link if the images are uploaded on some storage area.


Hello folks The AISYWC'18 Game Begins! Are you ready to play Kaun Banega AISYWC'18 Champion ? Exciting prizes for fastest fingers.

Rules of game:
  1. Exclusively for IEEE Members.
  2. The questions will be posted starting 1st August @7pm every alternative day.
  3. Exciting prizes to be won for the most number of answers in less that 10minutes.
  4. Get Wildcard Entry by answering most number of questions.
  5. Must follow us on FB, Twitter and Instagram.
  6. Must have AISYWC profile frame😊